New Products !!

>> Vibration-isolating Piattino Caster Cups:
Trouble with your neighbors below? This product reduces vibration going through floor below.Vibration-isolating Piattino Caster Cups. Call or email for more information.

>> Pianodisc Quiet Time Silencer System:
Piano playing bothering your family or neighbors? Our installer can install the state of the art Pianodisc Quiet Time silencer system IN YOUR HOME in 1 day! Call for more information.

>> Grand Piano Treble Enhancer:
This invention secures the rim to stretcher, enhancing the tone, projection, and sustain of the treble area of most grand pianos. Requires professional installation. Call or email for more details.

>> Grand Piano Muffler Retrofit:
Having problems practicing on your grand piano during evening hours?  The new “Grand Piano Muffler” system can be retrofitted and installed into your grand piano! It really works and can provide muffling for your grand piano to avoid clashes with neighbors or family members. Good for reducing stress! Contact Arlan for more details.

>> Touchrail System:
Experiencing problems with your keyboard? Feels too heavy? High Inertia? Can’t afford a full “weigh-off”? This wonderful new product will reduce downweight in your keyboard and maintain upweight providing you with a relatively low cost way to achieve ease of play. One of the advantages to this system is how it  can be adjusted and resistance changed as desired. Especially helpful for pianos who are played by several people, each with their own requirements. Contact Arlan for more details.

>> Dampp-Chaser:
If you are not aware of the Piano Life Saver System by Dampp-Chaser, you should be! Almost all my clients have them installed on their pianos. I have them installed on mine! Go to for more info. Contact Arlan for more details. See my video testimonial on their website. This is your insurance policy for your valued instrument and investment. If you have a Dampp-chaser system, call for add-ons, upgrades, or maintenance. Systems have been upgraded over the years and all systems require periodic  maintenance.

>> Piano Buyer Magazine 2010/2011/2012.
Now you can have free internet access to our industries leading sources of up-to-date information and evaluation of pianos from around the world. Arlan was asked to contribute as one of the leading authorities on high end pianos. Read what Arlan says about Steinways, Mason & Hamlins, Estonias, Fazioli’s in the spring and fall 2010 editions. They can be back-ordered. Current editions are packed with interesting articles and relevant information. Current retail prices on virtually any piano can be viewed as well. The hardcopy can be purchased online or simply view the online magazine. Go to: